What is Boob-eez?  Boob-eez is a fashion-fix accessories line + lifestyle brand purposed to make life easier for ALL women - every age, shape, color & size! From nipple covers and stick on bras to apparel pieces and bralettes, we've got you covered in more ways than one.

Why wear nipple covers?

For PEOPLE & PLANET: minimalist undergarments are all about doing more with less.

Did you know that if 85 percent of women in the U.S. tossed just one bra in the trash, landfills would contain up to 141.7 million bras, many of which just sit there for several hundred years!? (Falk, Megan -

At boob-eez, we are passionate about innovating the way women view their bodies by presenting an alternative to traditional, synthetic padding. Our silicone nipple covers are derived from quartz minerals, are non-toxic, and never leach toxic chemicals onto land or into the sea. WE ALSO HAVE A RECYCLE PROGRAM.

Carlie's Corner

Keep up with our founder Carlie Christenson and the Boob-eez team!