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What is boob-eez.com?

How long has boob-eez been in business?

Who created boob-eez?

What kind of products does boob-eez.com offer?


If I am a wholesaler, how can I place an order?

What is JOOR?

Ambassador Program

If I am an influencer, how can I request samples to promote on my social media platforms?

Does boob-eez do paid product endorsements?

Does boob-eez have an ambassador program?

Boob-eez™ Products

Nipple Covers

Are “pasties” just another word for “nipple covers?”

What are “Pasties?”

What are some nicknames for nipple cover products?

Can I wear a T-shirt with just nipple covers and nothing else?

What can I wear my nipple covers under?

Are nipple covers waterproof?

Can I swim in my pasties?

How old do you have to be to wear nipple covers?

What are boob-eez nipple covers made out of?

Can nipple covers be recycled?

Do you use “latex” in your nipple cover adhesive?

Are nipple covers washable?

How do I wash my nipple covers?

How can I store my nipple covers to keep them clean?

How many times can I wear my nipple covers?

Are there risks to using nipple covers?

Why do I have a rash after using nipple covers?

What do I do if I have an allergic reaction to silicone?

How long can I wear my nipple covers?

Health and Wellness

Boob Questions

Will my boobs start to sag if I start going braless?

One boob is bigger than the other… is that normal?