Does She Have Her ‘Supplies’?

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Check out this expose written by Boob-eez® founder Carlie Christenson about puberty and how to deal with it... 

"My family and I were about to get on an airplane to fly 5+ hours across the country on a direct flight to California when Aunt Flo decided to pay me a visit for the first time out of the blue. I was 12 years old and was mortified — not of the actual occurrence of getting my period but of the lack of preparedness. No pads, all changes of underwear packed away in a checked bag, and a whole day’s worth of travel ahead of us. I still hear my mom whispering to the flight attendant, “Do you have a pad? My daughter just got her period for the FIRST TIME!” And I didn’t know if I wanted to beam at my sudden realization of maturity or melt into the seat like forgotten chewed-up gum…" 




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