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Women are powerful when they come together. This spring, 2021 Boob-eez launched their “Fruity Boob-eez Campaign” purposed to honor and celebrate the diversity of our bodies.

Like the fruit that lay so eclectic on the prop-table our bodies are much the same: all different - all delicious, every curve, dimple, divot and hair...


Fruit laid out on the table. Girl holding pineapples in front of her boobies. Fruity Boobies shoot! Body positivity / Confidence photoshoot 

It is a vulnerable task to get naked in front of a band of women you’ve never met! It truly warms my soul that my friends - my neighbors - my community of women - trusted me and chose to take a leap of faith to say “fuck it,” and let themselves feel irrevocably FREE in the skin they’re in...

 Fruity Boob-eez photoshoot - boob empowerment - boobstory - carlie's corner _2 

Women ask me: “What does true, authentic self-love feel like?” Some would say it’s feeling at peace with one’s self – that when you catch a glimpse of your likeness in the mirror there’s no shudder or inquisitive glance, just slight eye-contact followed by a soft smile as one does with the acceptance of a stranger... I think Self Love is much more rebellious than that. It is a revolution to see beyond the perfect picture painted by social media. We must dig deeper to see all bodies for what they are and WHY they are because we are works of art. It is all about the process...


Nude_fruity boobies photoshoot - two friends laughing and smiling on set holding fruit over their chest - body positivity photoshoot - light nude and dark nude - smiling and laughing under the sun


“Seeing all bodies for what they are and why they are is the most powerful thing us women can do.”


The shoot started at 4:30 pm on a Friday. There’s a rad event-space called The Lobby Jax in Atlantic Beach, FL purposed to bring Jacksonville’s creative community together (@thelobbyjax). It was cool and crisp and sunny as if the heavens blessed our gathering. With a collaborated Spotify playlist blasting in the background and shirts flying off in anticipation, our exercise in body acceptance began.  


Artsy photo of nipple covers with fruit - fruity boobies photoshoot - body empowerment - body confidence 

Our models included mothers, artists, business women and university students. We were all utterly in the moment dancing to “I’m like a bird” by Nelly Furtado in nothing but biker shorts and Boob-eez Nipple Covers. Spiked seltzers and soft champagne bubbles helped take the edge off by putting our egos to sleep so that nothing but encouragement and hyped-up energy could flow throughout the evening!


Orange Boob-eez_fruity boobies shoot_body confidence - body empowerment photoshoot


Marilia Capeli, our fabulous photographer, is extraordinary at making her subjects feel soo comfortable behind the camera. It was all smiles, laughs and authentic conversation leaving us feeling electrified and honored to be women in this day and age.


Carlie Christenson and her models shooting for Boob-eez, a fashion accessories line and undergarment company - inspiring FREEDOM in every body... nipple covers - fruity boobies - fruit over boobs - body positivity photoshoot.

Moral of the story: we must explore pure confidence in order to help each other shine brighter.


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Written by Carlie Christenson, March 22 2021

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