Carlie Christenson Saved Lives When She Was 9 Years Old…By Creating Boob-eez

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Meet Carlie.

Carlie Christenson is our millennial #LifeSaver. Say goodbye to headlights because with a pair of Boob-eez, you’ll never have to worry again. Carlie goes to College of Charleston and is a part of the business school’s ICAT Start-Up program devoted to “making a profit while making a difference.” This #GirlBoss is ready to take Boob-eez to the next level once she’s out of school.

Q: How’d you decide to enroll in College of Charleston?

Well I actually toured it thanks to Boob-eez! Yes, you read that right. Boob-eez is a business of mine, and more specifically, an invention I created growing up. These seemingly invisible, washable, reusable, hypoallergenic nipple concealers thrive in the women’s retail market, and thanks to Luna Boutique on King St. (my first customer in the state of South Carolina) I wanted to pay them a visit only to discover a hidden gem of a campus just beyond. 

Back in 2008, when I was in elementary school, I had to deal with being an ‘early bloomer’ and struggled with the transition of becoming a woman. It was absolutely mortifying!

I couldn’t wear a bra because I had nothing to support, and training-bras were too thin— there was no coverage whatsoever. I walked through the hallways with my arms crossed and wanted to fix this discomfort for my friends and myself.

Carlie Founder of Boob-eez

One day, I’d had enough. Finally, I’d mustered up the confidence to talk to my mom about my issue, and tried to pitch to her my idea of how I could fix it! At the time, nipple concealers were basically unheard of. The taboo was not gaining the uptake I hoped it would so I drew my mom a picture of what I was envisioning, shaded it thin on the edges and thicker in the middle and handed it to her.

To this day, I still remember the moment she looked up from gazing at my sketch and said, “okay, let’s make them!” Eventually we named the innovation “Boob-eez” because the concealers make boobs “easier.” All you do is stick them on and stand tall with confidence!

My job is to facilitate these ideals and make sure that Boob-eez stay true to its purpose. My mom, Emilie, is the business-mind behind Boob-eez.

It took about a year of trial and error before we found the perfect prototype, and once we did, Boob-eez hit the shelves of specialty boutiques across the nation.

Boob-eez Headlight Hiders

My first celebrity to buy Boob-eez was Ryan Newman, an American actress, singer and model. Newman is known for her roles as Ginger Falcone in Zeke and Luther, Cindy Collins in Zoom, and Emily Hobbs in See Dad Run. She also premiered as young Miley on Disney’s Hannah Montana (which is my personal favorite)! After ordering and loving Boob-eez, Ryan, her sister Jessica and their mom wanted to meet me so I flew out to LA, went shopping with them, and we’ve been in touch ever since.

Other celebrities that love Boob-eez include Eva Longoria from Desperate Housewives, Dolly Parton, a boob-icon and country singer (she has two pairs of Boob-eez in every house she owns around the US and elsewhere), and Brooke Burke from Dancing with the Stars. 

So that’s why I’m in school, to learn about how to market myself and my product – the possibilities are endless. After college, I plan on expanding my brand, making it the next SPANX but for the boobies.

Boob-eez are a social-life saver! They provide a quick fashion fix for all types of women experiencing all types of scenarios. Whether you have no clue what undergarment to pair with your new strapless dress or need an extra layer under your bathing suit, Boob-eez has you covered!

Carlie Founder of Boob-eez

I wear them while working out, under lacy bralettes (because I dislike bulky padding), t-shirts, tube-tops and dresses of all types.

I’m all about embracing who you are. There’s not a morning I wake up and skip out on getting ready. The assembly process of matching colors, trying on half my closet and pairing clothes with the right accessories is like painting on my mood for the day.

I dress to how I feel— athletic, airy, spunky, girly— it changes day to day, and I feel that it is super important to take time to reflect on the self, to be okay with changes in mood, and work it – even if it’s a messy bun, slouchy tee, and boyfriend jean kind of day.

On campus, I’m known as the “hat” girl. Anytime I’d go out freshman year, I wore a hat, and I’m not talking baseball caps (Fedora-type wide brim Homburg, or Panama hats are my go-to).

By going out, I mean to class, to parties, to coffee shops— you name it! I wanted people to know who I was and to recognize me even if they didn’t know my name. It’s fun to experiment while living in a city— to be bold is to be an icon, and I’d love to be that person recognized on campus everyday.

I’m 5’1” which means “shorty alert!!!” Chunky shoes are my weakness— the only pair of semi-flat shoes I own are my old Nikes I work out in. Platforms are my go-to. Most of time, they’re like walking barefoot but on cushioned ground. 

Think of big-shoes as the icing on a cake— they pull outfits together, lengthen legs and make us feel great! Big-shoes don’t always have to be a fancy additive, they’re a personality accessory! I may be short, but grand things come in small packages (;

Carlie Founder of Boob-eez

In order to strive in life, and make a lasting difference, it’s crucial to throw yourself out of your comfort zone and find new levels of confidence and stability.

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