NEW Silicone Stick on Bras by Boob-eez®

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The wait is finally over! Our unique design has hit the shelves of specialty boutiques and gift-shops nation-wide. CLICK HERE to find a store near you. 

Love to go braless but need a little extra support? 

Going on a date and want "the girls" to look their best? 

Our washable, reusable stick-on bras are a fashion-hack every woman - young & old - needs in their tool-box. 


washable and reusable backless stick on bra gif - model unboxing product and putting it on - before and after wearing a stick on bra

A lightweight, minimalist approach to coverage and support!


"Enjoy cleavage you

didn't even know you had..."


- ultra light

- backless & strapless

- washable & reusable for up to 35 wears

- 100% silicone

- hypoallergenic approved!

- seamless

- H2O friendly!! wear under swim & workout gear


values of stick-on bras  

stick on bras in x3 different tints of nude... gif showing the colors
Our launch includes: 

x3 Tints of Nude because "nude is more than one color." 

x3 transcendent sizes: A, B, C, D  

PRO TIP: size up for full-coverage, size down for maximized cleavage enhancement

 before and after wearing boob-eez® silicone stick on bra Which tint of nude is the right shade for you? 

Light Tint silicone stick on bra - backless pasties for every body  Medium Tint silicone stick on bra - backless pasties for every body  Dark Tint silicone stick on bra - backless pasties for every body



HOW to WEAR your Boob-eez® Stick on Bra: 
  1. Clean and dry skin. NOTE: Lotions and oils will prevent stick on bra from adhering properly
  2. Remove re-usable backing and press cups into place (apply separately)
  3. Smooth out edges & gently rub to heat up the silicone adhesive
  4. Clasp bra. Adjust as needed. 
HOW to CARE for your Boob-eez® Stick on Bra: 
  1. Wash bra cups by hand in warm water with mild soap
  2. Lay bra cups out to dry in a dust-free location
  3. Once dry, line bra cups with reusable plastic backings or place them in a zip-lock bag
NOTE: Boob-eez® Silicone Stick-on Bra will lose its stickiness when dirty. Wash your boob-eez®!
NOTE: Boob-eez® Silicone Stick-on Bra is not intended for everyday wear or to replace your traditional bra.
WARNING: This product is not a toy. To avoid the danger of suffocation, please keep this product and its contents away from babies and children or anyone with the tendency to place inanimate objects near their mouths.

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