Boob-eez "Headlight Hiders" - Description:

Welcome to the 21st century where women rule the world and burn their bras. Introducing BOOB-EEZ Nipple Covers that provide magical, seamless coverage under swimwear, activewear, and every-day clothes. 
PROBLEM: Want to wear your favorite backless cocktail dress without distracting straps? Got a big yoga conference coming up and want a little extra coverage under your sports bra? Maybe you love to go braless but feel uncomfortable when nipples poke through clothing? 
SOLUTION: Try our Boob-eez “Headlight” Hiders! Made out of super-thin, mineral-based silicone, these nipple covers offer a magical, invisible barrier between breasts and clothing. Go into every adventure standing tall with confidence!
Boob-eez Headlight Hiders are super-thin silicone discs that offer an invisible barrier between breasts and clothing. They are washable, re-usable and have a "disappearing edge" that that makes them virtually invisible under clothes. Available in 6 cm and 8 cm sizes with nude and dark mocha color choices, there's a fashion fix for everyone. Apply them to clean, dry skin free of any lotions or oils for a strong adhesive stick that stays in place without leaving any pesky residue behind. From getting your sweat on at the gym to soaking up the sun in your bikini, DARE TO GO BRALESS.
Wear with or without a bra and rejoice in feeling FREE in the skin you're in!
  • High-Quality Reusable Nipple Pasties Made with hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone, our reusable nipple covers are super skin-friendly and won't cause any irritation.
  • Hide "Headlights" Without Adding Bulk Ultra thin and perfectly sized to fit your nipple without adding any extra bulk or weight. Flexible with a tapered edge, they blend seamlessly with skin to banish pesky headlights.
  • Can Be Used Anywhere Since they're waterproof, Boob-eez Nipple Covers are perfect for your active lifestyle. They can be worn during a workout, while swimming, and can even prevent nipple chafing when you run!
  • Feel Confident in All Fashion Trends Wear Boob-eez pasties under gowns, t-shirts, gym wear, swimwear, strapless and backless dresses for a perfectly uncluttered look.
Three tints of nipple pasties for fashionistas and stylists. DARE TO GO BARE: Boob-eez are perfect for keeping you comfortable no matter the trend. Check out our other popular products (stick on bras, camis, bralettes and bandeaus) for more fashion fixes!
Boob-eez pasties (silicone nipple covers) value propositions - washable nipple covers! Hypoallergenic nipple stickers (breast pads). Nippies Skin or dimmers!

Boob-eez offers minimalist coverage for women of ALL AGES, SHAPE, COLORS & SIZES.