About Boob-eez

Boob-eez are super-thin silicone discs that offer an invisible barrier between breasts and clothing. They are washable, re-usable, and have a "disappearing edge" that is virtually invisible under clothes. Boob-eez can also be worn under swimwear, workout and dance gear. They eliminate unwanted "headlights" and keep boobs "Out of sight ... and out of mind!"

Boob-eez provide a quick fashion fix for all types of women experiencing all types of scenarios. Whether you have no clue what undergarment to pair with your new racerback tank or need an extra layer under your bathing suit, Boob-eez has you covered! Hailed the ultimate headlight concealer, Boob-eez have quickly become a favorite of teens and women everywhere. They have attracted the interest of national media outlets and have been a celebrity favorite for years!

Headquartered in Atlantic Beach, FL, Boob-eez are available in cities around the world and now offer a variety of products including but not limited to headlight concealers, racerback bralettes, layering tanks, and bandeaus.

Our Story

Boob-eez founder, Carlie Christenson was on was on the brink of turning ten when she began feeling self-conscious about her developing body. After borrowing her mother's array of adhesive bras and nipple coverings, Carlie came up with her own idea of what would work better. With help from her parents, she invented the perfect product and named it Boob-eez because it made boobs "easier".

Boob-eez are the ideal solution anytime you need a little "coverage" where it matters most. You can stick them on - with or without a bra - and stand tall with confidence!

The Boob-eez Difference

Boob-eez are different from other nipple concealing products on the market because:

  • They are perfectly sized to cover only the nipple and do not add bulk or size to the breast.

  • They have a "disappearing edge" that makes them virtually invisible under clothing!

  • Boob-eez are made from a durable silicone material backed by a washable adhesive to allow for multiple uses and easy care.

  • They are not "stickers" that tend to peel off - Boob-eez can even be worn under a bathing suit!

  • Boob-eez retail for $14 to $18 and are available online and at select specialty stores.