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Boob-eez® is a minimalist undergarment & apparel line devoted to making the lives of women easier and more FUN! For 13+ years, Boob-eez® has been a boutique favorite from coast to coast. We offer an array of nipple covers, stick-on-bras and seamless undergarments with timeless functionality. We take pride in being sustainably driven, design and manufacture a variety of products in the USA and boast a proud story of perseverance. LEARN MORE about Carlie! 

Support a small business

Boob-eez® is a small, family run business located in the heart of Atlantic Beach, FL. We GIVE BACK to The Pace Center for Girls (JAX) & to the Donna Foundation.

Free shipping

Enjoy FREE SHIPPING & FREE staff samples when you place an opening order with us. After that, we offer FREE SHIPPING on orders of $250+.
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empower your customers

Boob-eez® products are a fashion-fix tool every woman needs in their underwear drawer. Make selling "the best each season has to offer"
eez-ier™ than ever for your customers. 

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customers LOVE US

Amazing packaging! The fulfillment of my orders are so quick and efficient!!!

I am impressed. I can't for wait all of my clients to try their products.

- Melanie, MB

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We sell Boob-eez® like crazy! Love the story behind [this company] - it's soo inspiring! 

We love working with [them]. 

-Lisa, CA

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Footsie, ca

I have been selling and wearing Boob-eez® Nipple Covers for 12+ years and absolutely LOVE them. The product literally sells itself. High-quality at a great price-point. 

- Emilie, FL

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