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Boob-eez® products spotted on Below Deck Mediterranean! 

Amanda Britt and a group of seven friends set out on a trip of a life-time; among them was Boob-eez founder Carlie Christenson. She gifted the crew aboard Mystique some "headlight" hiders and they were spotted BELOW DECK (Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8, episode 8 Who Needs Frenemies): 

Why bring nipple covers on a yacht? 

Boob-eez® "Headlight" Hiders work wonders under bikinis without padding! They are super seamless, H2O tolerant, washable and reusable. Sometimes nipping out is a vibe... when you want those high-beams on the low, try our pasties.

What is Below Deck? 

Below Deck is an internationally aired TV program on Bravo! that follows the point of view of a variety of deckhands: the crew that operate boat charters, specifically in the case of below deck, yacht charters for affluent clientele. The cameras follow the crew members as they tend to guests' needs while out at sea! 

Who is Amanda Britt and why is she on Below Deck Med as the primary guest? 

Amanda Britt with ABrill Events

Amanda is an entrepreneur from Atlantic Beach, Florida, owning The Lobby Jax and Party Tricks Chix plus a variety of other start-ups. She is a renowned event planner in her spare time [ ABRITTEVENTS ] and rumor has it she is coordinating the wedding of Captain Sandy and her fiancé Leah Shafer. 

Meet Amanda Britt's BREASTIES... 

Leni & Liza Balinger 

Leni and Liza - Show me your MUMU - Boob-eez breasties on below deck

Sisters and besties with a work hard. play harder mindset. Loves a good kamakazi shot and spicy marg. Big boobs with bigger hearts! 

Follow them: @lenifrom_theblock / @lizkhalifa21

Sonali Karunaratne 

Sonali Karunaratne - Soul Vitamins and Sonali Spark on Below Deck MED

Sonali is a powerhouse and the creative mind behind a variety of ventures: Soul Vitamins, Sonali Spark and MORE! 

Follow her: @sonalikarunaratne_

Carlie Christenson 

Carlie Christenson on Below Deck Med - 2023

Carlie is the co-founder of Boob-eez and works closely with Amanda and friends in life, in business and in FUN! Rumor has it, she is still paying off her credit card bills generated from this trip... 

Follow her: @carliehannah

Delaney Futch 

Delaney loves the gators and hates stuffing. 

Follow her: @delaney_futch

Caroline Crouch

If you ever want to go head to head in a backflip competition or belly-bump over the Florida Gators Caroline is your go-to girl for some good ol' fashioned FUN!! She is a die hard swiftie who works in tech sales at Shopify (convenient for us at Boob-eez). Caroline LOVES to play pickleball, ski, snowboard and golf (a jack of all trades). CONGRATS TO HER - she just got married to her BFF last April! 

Follow her: @caroline_crouch_


Sasha / Wynn

Sasha is from fabulous Las Vegas, NV and hates talking about herself! But here's some tea... she was a flight attendant in a past life for a luxury hotel chain and has been in the presence of many  A-list celebs... but her lips are sealed because Sasha is a saint who wears Chanel on International television. CONGRATS TO HER - she just got married to her BFF after our charter!! 

Follow her: @sasha.lvnv

Stream Below Deck on Bravo! Catch the "FLORIDA GIRLS" on season 8 episodes 7 & 8! 

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