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The Story Behind Boob-eez

Carlie Christenson was an early bloomer. While other 9-year-old girls were still basking in their innocence, Carlie was on the verge of swapping Barbies for bras, Hannah Montana for maxi pads. Blossoming into womanhood at a swift pace, she was caught between two worlds — loving her pre-teen life as a dedicated dancer and soccer player, yet battling the hormonal and bodily changes that come alongside life’s inevitable change: puberty. Cue Britney Spears’ 2001 hit, “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman.”

10 year old Carlie Christenson with her invention Boob-eez "headlight" hiders for tweens and young girls

“Women would comment on my budding chest and say things like, ‘Aw, your cute little bug bites!’ I wanted to melt into the ground,” Carlie remembers. “My Italian great grandma once squeezed my non-existent breasts and in broken English spit in my face, ‘Awww, a WOMAN! Molto bello.’

”She found herself faced with limited options and thought training bras were a “silly concept,” just barely masking puffy areolas and supporting budding bosoms. Carlie’s take? “A man was definitely behind the design of a flat padded triangle lined with lace and underwire,” she laughs. “Why had no one questioned how unnecessary it is to condition our fragile prepubescent minds with, ‘Bra means woman... must wear bra!’”

In lieu of these torture devices (aka, training bras), Carlie would secretly wear her mom’s DIMRS nipple covers, a.k.a. awkward discs that were way too big and would just fall off. There had to be a better way. So, she drew a picture of a smaller, flatter, more tapered product that would work for both little boobies and big ones alike — and Boob-eez was born.

Living a Secret ‘Hannah Montana’ Life

Carlie’s drawing was distributed to several manufacturers until they discovered the perfect mold. At age 10, she competed on the reality television series, American Inventor, but was quickly eliminated, and left the show defeated and discouraged.

“It took me a long time to learn that getting a ‘no’ from a man doesn't determine worth and shouldn't mean a dead-end in terms of striving for success,” she shares. “I had to learn how to rise again after dealing with rejection at such a young age.”

Carlie continued on and lived her secret Hannah Montana life — going to school while running a business behind closed doors alongside her mom, Emilie, who had been at the helm of a successful clothing boutique, Jaffi’s, for years. Not wanting to be viewed as different, Carlie was initially embarrassed by her venture, one that existed only for herself, her friends, and a few select specialty boutiques. It wasn’t until attending the College of Charleston that she reignited her passion and dedicated her time to growing the Boob-eez brand and their bestselling “headlight hiders,” 6cm pasties that are perfect for tweens and women alike. 

The Evolution of Boob-eez… and the ‘C’ Word

Shortly after she graduated Cum Laude from the College of Charleston in 2019, Carlie’s mom — who had been her rock and guiding force in business and in life — was diagnosed with breast cancer. For the next year, Carlie served as her mother’s
advocate, caretaker, and nurse, as she and Emilie mourned the loss of her old body
and celebrated her new one — as a survivor. Enter NŪD by Boob-eez.


NŪD Apparel - minimalist garments made from Bamboo viscose in the USA

“Her scars presented challenges she didn't have before. Certain bra styles became unbearable,” Carlie explains. “This is why we created NŪD Apparel together. Made in the USA, NŪD products are comprised of bamboo viscose, a breathable, hypoallergenic material that is substantial, yet luxurious. My mom wears our crop styles as long bras, and they soothe her scars rather than irritate them.”

Carlie Christenson and Emilie Christenson wearing their designs - NŪD ApaprelToday, Boob-eez is comprised of a team of women — including her mom, Emilie,  and her sister, Devon — dedicated to boosting confidence and body positivity.Their bestselling nipple covers and stick-on bras come in a variety of sizes and skin tones and have been worn by the likes of Dolly Parton and Eva Longoria. Press coverage runs the gamut from Parenting to People, and the brand only continues to grow and evolve. Next up for NŪD? Post-surgery aftercare garments, inspired by Emilie, who is now cancer-free!


“We have an extraordinary story, high-quality products, and hundreds of women who have grown up with us and keep coming back again and again,” Carlie says. “Helping women feel more aligned with who they are, as well as boosting body confidence, has been our secret sauce since the beginning. I don't see it ever fading.”

Bamboo made apparel - Los Angeles - Designer undergarments for every woman

Xo, The Girls at Boob-eez® 



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