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Cancer Sucks 

The “C” word can go to hell. Cancer sucks, and as society progresses, so do the hundreds (more like thousands) of cancers that develop alongside us. As we try to fight and fund for cure after cure, sometimes the best we can do is persist and do everything we can to make life a little bit easier. 

Did you know NŪD Apparel by Boob-eez started because co-founder Emilie Christenson was diagnosed with breast cancer? Although a low-stage diagnosis, the news was life-changing from the start. Because of her middle-aged status and the chance of the cancer returning, Emilie opted for the more aggressive procedure: a mastectomy (aka, removing her breast altogether). This procedure ensured she would not need chemo or radiation, although she was equipped with the knowledge that the surgery as a whole would be arduous and quite risky. She refused implants (she had had them previously) and discovered an addition to the mastectomy procedure: diep flap breast augmentation…graphic warning: basically, making a boob from her belly! The procedure would take 8.5 hours under the knife. 


“You either pay now, or pay later,” has been her motto,
and it may have saved her in the long run. 

It took 4 weeks for Emilie to stand up straight after being sliced open and stitched back together like “Frankenstein’s bride.” After 6 weeks, her scars fully healed. After 3 months, she could finally lift heavy things; by 4 months, life was back to a new normal. But alas, everything she wore itched!! The bralettes she had loved before were torture devices. And who bore witness to her epistemic adjustment over 6 months from diagnosis – to appointment prepping – to nursing – to helping her get back to LIVING again? Her daughter Carlie, the other Boob-eez® co-founder, and her firstborn daughter. SIDE NOTE: her youngest daughter, Devon Christenson, had also been A HUGE light and help during this journey, keeping morale up and everyone fed yummy, delicious vegan food always.


Q: What do Emilie and Carlie do best? 
A: Improve the lives of women at every stage of life. 

And so, their “ah-hah!” moment struck again, and they set off to launch a line of seamless, luxury apparel made with comfort and healing in mind: NŪD Apparel by Boob-eez. 


NŪD Apparel 

Simple. Luxurious. Made in the USA out of quality materials. These are the three pillars of NŪD Apparel!


Boob-eez mission with Emilie in mind was to mitigate the need to wear a traditional bra with elastic straps and underwire while being mindful of the materials that lay close to sensitive, intimate areas *cough cough* mammary glands.  The Boob-eez team set off on a creative journey testing fabric after fabric and interviewing manufacturers in the heart of Los Angeles. NŪD Apparel is made from the ground up - literally, we have the thread custom made from bamboo viscose - with a low percentage of Spandex for stretch. It is buttery and substantial and can be worn as apparel or as a comfy layer under your favorite outer pieces. 

Our favorite features about NŪD Apparel are the garments' natural antimicrobial qualities and breathability! They keep you ~ snatched ~ without feeling suffocated. 

Emilie's favorites are The Nesha and The Devon and The Kyla, interchangeably. 


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