What to WEAR under your WEDDING GOWN

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It's the moment you've been waiting for... you walk into the bridal boutique of your dreams surrounded by macarons and bubbles; lace and WHITE! Your personal stylist asks for reference pictures and you have an idea of what you're looking for but you are also open to the possibilities: a sheath style gown with lace overlay from bust to toe... something sheer and sexy, maybe, with mesh to show skin but not too much... a classic style gown - clean and sleek - with boning to support the bodice.

Try-on after try-on. It's exhilarating! Your heart flutters with every option until you find the perfect one -- 

and it feels right. Maybe not the "OMG I'm going to faint this is too perfect," kind of right but the kind of "meant to be," feeling that feels like home. It feels like YOU!! And now it's time to celebrate. 

That's where we come in... Boob-eez offers secret support for your dream dress to ensure that YOU feel like YOU on your BIG DAY. Whether it's a bit of support, a hint of coverage or a little bit of both, Boob-eez offers the BREAST seamless alternative to built-in bulky padding.

Don't let wardrobe worries steal the spotlight - we've got you covered!! 

Check out this collab with Be-in Bridal... 


"your girls" will look ahhmazing using Boob-eez's 100% silicone stick-on bra! and what's even cooler? It's maximizing what you already got going on without adding and bulk. This stick-on bra is ultra light-weight and seamless providing minimal support and hella cleavage.

"enjoy cleavage you didn't even know you had!" 



now you see them... now you don't! Our "Headlight" Hiders are a great minimalist undergarment solution under fine mesh, dainty lace and buttery satin. Good for up to 8+ hours of wear! 
PRO TIP: apply a NEW, fresh pair onto clean, dry skin on your big day. You can dance the night away without a worry in the world. 



Boob-eez goodies work wonders under every-day clothing, luxury ball gowns, swim, workout-gear, you name it! 
Washable, re-usable and H2O tolerant and friendly.  


Here's why Boob-eez products are a must-have for any bride:

  1. Invisible Support: On your wedding day, the last thing you want to worry about is visible bra lines or straps peeking out from your dress. Boob-eez “Headlight” Hiders and Stick-On Bras provide discreet support, ensuring a seamless silhouette that allows you to focus on what truly matters: celebrating your love.

  2. Comfort All Day Long: From the ceremony to the reception, your wedding day is a whirlwind of activity. Boob-eez products are designed with comfort in mind, offering lightweight materials and breathable designs that keep you feeling comfortable and confident from morning until night. Say goodbye to uncomfortable undergarments that pinch, poke, or dig in – Boob-eez has you covered.

  3. Versatile Solutions: Whether you're wearing a strapless gown, a backless dress, or a plunging neckline, Boob-eez has the perfect solution for every style. Our range of products includes a variety of sizes of adhesive bras and nipple covers, providing versatile options to suit any bridal ensemble. With Boob-eez, you can say yes to the dress of your dreams without compromising on style or support!

  4. Quality and Confidence: Boob-eez products are made with the highest quality materials and craftsmanship, ensuring durability and longevity. When you choose Boob-eez, you're investing in premium products that are designed to last. With our reputation for excellence, you can step into your wedding day with confidence, knowing that you have the best support possible!

Boob-eez products are a bride's “breast” friend when it comes to achieving comfort, confidence, and peace of mind on her wedding day! From invisible support to versatile solutions, we have everything you need to look and feel your best as you say "I do." Don't let wardrobe worries overshadow your special day – choose Boob-eez and embrace every moment with grace and poise.


What is Be-In?  


Be-In. Inspired by the 1960s counterculture movement where people gathered to celebrate life, music, and love itself. Believing in things outside of what society tells us in normal. The "Human Be-Ins" came together as a strong community made of passion and activism, focusing on inspiring ideas such as personal empowerment, ecological awareness, and a higher consciousness.




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