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From Corporate to Confident your worth shines brighter when you unleash your potential and follow your heart! Take it from world-traveler Sonali Karunaratne as she launches yet another passion project: Sonali Spark 

Sonali Karunaratne with Sonali Spark Creative Consulting -- Soul Vitamins photoshoot - Boob-eez confidence collaboration - Stories from our Breasties


Hi, I'm Sonali Karunaratne, Founder of Sonali Spark Partnerships Consulting!

Sonali Karunaratne - Internet Personality - PR Publicist for Boob-eez - Stories from our breasties

Networking isn't just a hobby for me—it's a source of genuine joy and energy that truly fuels me. I firmly believe that cultivating social capital is the most critical point for any business or brand. I build and nurture key partnerships for businesses and brands in the fashion, wellness, and media spaces spanning across Content Marketing, Media & PR, Events, and more!

Before I found my purpose of connecting, I started out my career working for 6 years in investment banking. When the world shifted to remote work, I took advantage of every opportunity to explore the world, living and working in ten different countries. I realized we were living not just through the COVID pandemic, but a pandemic of unfulfilled people itching to find their purpose in the world. I also realized how deeply passionate I was to build my global network, connecting people from different cultures, ages, and demographics. 

I was determined to spread insight and wisdom to fellow creatives and entrepreneurs in order to encourage my audience to action creative ventures and passion projects. Thus, Soul Vitamins was born! A talk show dedicated to providing a community and platform around creative entrepreneurship. After I got a taste of the creative world I wasn't going back and I decided to pivot from finance to full-time entrepreneurship, owning three different companies spanning event planning, design, and media.

Now, I'm excited to blend my corporate finance background with my creative expertise to form Sonali Spark Partnerships Consulting. My goal is to offer strategic guidance and forge valuable partnerships for startups, personal brands, and beyond.

Together, let's spark transformative collaborations and propel your creative venture, company, or brand to new heights of success!


Carlie Christenson, co-founder of Boob-eez, was on Soul Vitamins: a talk-show hosted by Sonali Karunaratne back in 2022


"Soul Vitamins" signify anyone or anything in your life that makes your soul feel inspired & nourished. The goal of the Soul Vitamins podcast platform is to inspire others to overcome imposter syndrome, pursue creative ventures, and find soul nourishment in their lives! This channel is jam packed with tips on entrepreneurial resources and finding your passion to help you build a fulfilling career and life!


Sonali Spark Partnerships Consulting is my latest creative venture where I ignite your brand or business with dazzling strategic partnerships! I thrive fostering meaningful connections with creatives and founders, building a robust global network of talent across several industries. I’m excited to connect my clients with key relationships that can catalyze transformational opportunities for their businesses. Whether it's collaborating on content marketing campaigns, securing press coverage, orchestrating brand collaborations, or curating memorable events, I will guide and support these ventures every step of the way.

I will be your creative partner and accountability ally, spearheading strategic partnerships across three core areas: Content Marketing & Creation, Media & PR, and Events. Whether it’s for a one-time collaboration or ongoing support, my flexible engagement options, available on an hourly or per-project basis, allow my clients and I to adapt a plan to their specific needs seamlessly. 

Let’s spark the fireworks of creativity together! 



"Take risks, be bold, and dare to pursue your dreams with unwavering determination. If there's a venture you've been longing to launch or an idea burning within you, seize the moment and share it with the world. I've personally experienced the transformative power of stepping away from the corporate world to embark on my entrepreneurial journey. Through this leap, I've discovered invaluable lessons about myself, grown both personally and professionally, and cultivated a vibrant creative network.

Remember, it's essential to nourish your soul and passions by following your heart's desires. Don't shy away from stepping out of the box; instead, embrace the unknown with open arms. Trust me, your future self will thank you for every moment you spend courageously pursuing something uniquely aligned with your true essence. Embrace the journey, cherish the process, and watch as your dreams unfold before your eyes

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